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Why Choose Prepared Biologicals ?

At Prepared Biological we realize the difference that quality biological reagents can make in any experiment. Taking the extra time to manufacture a certified Endotoxin & Nuclease Free reagent ensures that you are starting with the best possible reagent for all your experiments; all our biological buffers are certified Endotoxin & Nuclease Free. All our solutions are sterile filtered into sterile containers.

We use polycarbonate bottles which are autoclave sterilized with the content, and our larger size cubitainers are sterilized with gamma rays. You can be certain that using products manufactured by Prepared Biologicals will ensure that your experiments will never be compromised due to endotoxin, nuclease contamination or lack of sterility.

Why Our Water ?

The most common and ignored source of contamination is the water used in lab work. Presence of DNAse and RNases are only discovered after the fact when your precious RNA has been degraded or the bands in your electrophoresis gel indicate problems. Despite all the precautions, the only way to avoid these contaminants is to use the water that is guaranteed free of all living molecules. You can be assured that our water is certified free of all active molecules and microbial particulate.

The proprietary manufacturing process used eliminates all traces of DEPC remnants present in treated waters. We autoclave and sterile filter our water twice before it is added directly into our certified clean polycarbonate or PETG bottles. Our product comes in a standard sealed or a tamper evident capped bottle to ensure content integrity. Not only do we offer standard packaging sizes to meet your experimental requirements we also offer sterile 200L (55 gallon drums) for Bio-process applications.

Water Specifications

Need A Custom Solution ?

It is our goal to supply the most commonly used biological reagents. In the event that you require a custom formulation, please contact us. We can manufacture any reagent with your choice of packaging sizes ranging from 100ml to 55 gallon drums

Secured Lot Reagent-

Consistency and continuity of an experiment are among the most critical aspect of success. The reproducibility and validity of a protocol is only possible if there are little or no variation in the reagents or biologicals used for the experiment. Precision Biologicals specializes in consistent lot to lot production. Whether it is 10 Liter or a 800 Liter batch, the product is made with consistency and your results in mind. PBL can guarantee the same lot on all its products if the customer requires it. We believe your success is a direct reflection of our quality and commitment when you use our products. Try our products and see what a difference single lot reagents makes. Reserve a specific reagent Lot number for your experiments; your choice of packaging size, volume and quantity.

Shake N GROW-

The ultimate in convenience. Eliminate all the steps of manual media preparation . PBL gives you Shaker Ready – Prefilled Erlenmeyer Flasks with Duo-CAP that enable superior aerobic culture of all transformed E. coli. Get better, consistently higher plasmid DNA yield with ShakeNGROW broths…

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Introducing a New Source for Endotoxin-free Water

Prepared Biologicals offers a wide range of packaging sizes, from 100 ml for a pilot applications to 200 L for biomanufacturing applications...

Posted on October 21st 2016