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Richard Stelluto

5 Things Every Retailer Should Blog About to Build Customer Loyalty and Brand Personality

Posted by Mr. john on

You’ve already heard it: inbound marketing can drive serious web traffic, additional sales and customer loyalty for your growing business. But effectively implementing a content marketing team and strategy isn’t as easy as simply hiring a writer.

Every post your brand publishes is a reflection of your point of view on the world, and customers will choose to identify with you –– or not –– based on that point of view. So while 92% of companies which blog one or more times per day report an increase in customer conversion, there are 31% more bloggers out there than there were just three years ago. This means that92% of companieswhile blogging can increase your conversions, the rate at which it can do so depends heavily on how well you can get your content discovered by the target consumer (i.e. the one who will identify with your point of view). After all, more bloggers means more content, which means more competition.92% of companies