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Richard Stelluto


How we produce Endotoxin Free Buffers:

Our ENDOTOXIN/PYROGEN free waters and buffers are produced from a series of three filtration steps followed by LAL assay testing.  Starting out with water measuring at 18.3 megOHM, the water is subjected to the intense frequency of germicidal UV lights.  The water is then passed through a series of tandem ultrafiltration steps using 0.45, 0.22 and 0.1 microns filters.  Finally, all of the products are packaged in pre-sterilized (gamma radiated) or autoclavable polycarbonate containers for terminal steam sterilization.  Endotoxin level is then tested using the LAL Assay (Kinetic Chromogenic) the products are passed if the results are within an acceptable range (0.1 – 0.05eu/ml) or are undetectable with these assays.

Chromatographic Removal of Endotoxins: A Bioprocess Engineer's Perspective

Methods of endotoxin removal from biological preparations: a review.